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UI / UX Designing

User Experience Design

We map the journey between consumers and digital products, transform them into premium UX solutions to revolutionize business.

UX design to us means ensuring a pleasant and happy experience for customers while they use your Websites, Apps, Wearable Technology, Products or any services. Designing for user’s convenience with an aim to provide them pleasant experience is the crux of our UX methodology. We focus on principles like Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Information / Visual design to create wonderful Interfaces and consider elements of UX while designing:

  • Usability: Good usability is vital to create a positive experience for an individual. It’s about making the product or interface more usable

  • Accessibility: Accessibility explains how easy it is to understand, use and access the ui or interface. The findings of user research help in improving ui design.

  • Human Computer Interaction: Major focus is on human performance rather than usability to improve the system as per user’s needs.

  • Interaction Design:Its objective is to incorporate user needs into design and define the UI design patterns of interaction apt in the context of use.

We work with a User Centric Approach to craft the most impressive Interaction Design for any interface. We follow the latest guidelines and usability trends to build a smooth interaction.

User Research & Evaluation

We derive rich data insights by observing and capturing user’s micro-moments and translate them to value-added Usability solutions.

The aim is to bring improvements by analyzing user’s point of view and bring high level results so as to improvise the interface and hence the customer experience. User research brings a sense of clarity and helps in planning the improvements that you need to ensure on the web interfaces.

Our exploration process on the whole takes through all the problems that people might be facing while engaging on Websites, Applications, Wearable Technology and crafting solutions to these that result in craving beautiful experiences for customers.

  • Setting objectivesFiguring out the right information and determining the user profiles of the audience that needs to be interrogated

  • Actions on InterfaceTo know what people are doing on the site and to understand the basic interaction happening on the site

  • Method selectionnWe evaluate and select the best methods as per project needs to solve design issues and fill in the flaws

  • Data collectionWe observe and interact with the users in real time as they navigate through the interface. The collected data then helps in solving usability issues

Good usability adds to the website experience and hence puts you ahead of your customers.It also becomes easier to create user centered designs that are revenue generating. Once you know the user feedback you are aware of your users’ requirements and craft your interface in a way that users are repeat visitors.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We combine our expertise and creative experience to enhance your website efficiency for better conversion rates.

Conversion Rate Optimizationis the process of optimizing the website and creating an experience on your site that converts visitors to conversions. Having a larger traffic on the website is not enough, it is important that these visitors take some action and convert.

We examine Analytics to get a deeper understanding of how users interact. We also identify areas of improvement and investment on website.This helps in recommending the necessary website alterations for improving the usability and overall interaction to make the interface more conversion ready.

There is always a possibility to make improvements on the site. Optimizing your website is to get the right mix of customers leading to conversions & maximize profits. It also helps reduce bounce rates and exit rates and increase average time spent on site.



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