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Our Approach To Billing

At Pierson & Strachan, we believe that open communication with our clients is imperative to establishing trust and working together effectively. We know that engaging an attorney is a leap of faith. This is particularly true when it comes to billing and costs. Without proper communication from the beginning of the relationship, clients may not have any idea what legal services cost until they receive their first bill.
Our approach eliminates the potential for “sticker-shock” which erodes trust and damages relationships. For most types of matters, including estate plans and new business setups, we offer a free initial consultation. During this initial meeting, we will scope out the project and determine what fees to expect. In many cases, we will quote a flat rate. We are able to do this for a couple of reasons. First, our experience gives us the requisite confidence to know how long a project should take. Second, as a small firm, our operations are streamlined; we take advantage of time-saving technology and are not burdened by unecessary overhead or supervisory meetings.
Of course, some situations require more customized services which may be charged at an hourly rate. In most of those cases, we will offer a quote before we begin our work. We will request a retainer in advance, and the remainder of your fee will be due when the work is complete.
That’s it. We find that this approach is the most fair for our clients, facilitates communication between attorneys and clients, and helps us streamline our own work to complete projects efficiently and with the highest degree of quality.



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