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Technology Consulting

Adequateinfosoft offers Technology consulting services for Architecture and Product Selection for Web Application Infrastructure based on its extensive experience in building, deploying and maintaining web applications for a range of customers.

We help you right through the conceptualization stage of your need, help you to identify and choose the right combination of technology options which would best suit your commercial and technical comforts both in terms of scalability and effectiveness.

Internet Software Infrastructure Deployment

  • • Web Servers & Application Servers
  • • Mail & Chat Servers
  • • Document Management / Sharing Servers
  • • Internet/Intranet Security Solutions
  • • Data Warehouses & Analytics

Content Management

  • • Design and Development of Content Management Systems
  • • Identification, evaluation and implementation of Standard CMS Tools and Systems
  • • Integration with leading industry standard CMS tools through API and middle ware components

E-commerce / Communication Integration

  • • Integration of eCommerce and visualization Tools
  • • Integration of shopping cart solutions and back-end catalogue management systems
  • • Integration with Major Payment Gateways
  • • Integration with Shipment / Order Fulfillment Gateways

Web Publishing and Analytics

  • • Evaluate & recommend of Web Publishing Solutions
  • • Design effective web marketing and promotion strategies
  • • Evaluate & design search engine marketing (SEM) for your products & solutions
  • • Implement Web Analytics and Reporting through Google Analytics, Bing Web Masters and Alexa Dashboards



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