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Q/A Testing

QA Testing or Quality Assurance testing is a semantic technique that participated in numerous processes to examine products and software services. No doubt, software or application development is one of the most crucial stages but it’s incomplete without QA testing. QA testing process purifies each and every insight of an application by co-relating all such pre-defined objectives. For better usability, it is necessary that each application must undergo through desired testing phases.

Our Quality assurance testing services

Our QA testing solutions incorporates a well-defined strategy that builds high end-to-end qualitative products. Our tremendous effort extracts a great sort of solution which makes an application quite interesting and object-oriented. Our QA testing tools & services make a difference while differentiating with other products. We have various set of testing services such as Automation testing, Functional testing, Performance testing, Localization testing, Mobile testing, Regression testing and E-commerce testing to validate as per need.

Automation Testing Services:

Nowadays, businesses depend upon newly trending technologies that possess numerous benefits and helping companies to gain improvised solutions with great extendibility. QA testing companies should be proactive in order to perform in undesirable conditions. To attain quality metrics in automating testing, we have to overlook the complex and demanding prospects in quality assurance (QA) services. Hands-on with automating testing generate cost-effective, resource efficient and automated products.

Functional Testing Services:

At Thinksys, technicians quantify functional testing methodology in a well-organised and structured manner. Functional testing performs at the early in Software development life cycle (SDLC) to detect defects in the system. This service brings a flawless functionality to the entire system.

Performance Testing Services:

Evolving new technologies such as social media, cloud applications, mobile, IoT (Internet of Things), etc., are modulating the way to do businesses. Enterprise faces a similar challenge in customer demands in fast delivery with outstanding experience. Boost-up a market is really very challenging to connect with success. Thinksys’ Business management team needs a defined methods, tools or strategies for be on the top in the market. This is why,performance testing shapes usability and makes an organization at the top.

Localization Testing Services:

There are some desirable methods which need to be targeted for a particular location by prescribed locals. Localization testing helps mobile applications, website or any other connected device which needs to be completely understandable and accurate for the people who used it. With Thinksys, website or any other application can be easily formatted according to various languages and design. By using localization testing, several essential factors will be tested by experts.

Mobile Testing Services:

Extension in newly developed technologies may lead markets in high competition. When we talk about mobile applications, advancement in mobile platforms makes a user interface quite effective and this feature increases the complexity at the back-end. In order to test and validate multiple number of operating system, whether it is iOS or Android platform there is huge number of devices that runs online around the world. Thinksys handshake with competition and make commendable strategies to simply end-to-end usability. Get complete view of "mobile testing services here.

Localization Testing Services:

With Thinksys, we always believe to serve more with less i.e we enable users to achieve maximum test coverage with less number of test cases. Our team builds the pillars of constant efforts that lead an organization at the first place and hence minimizes the risks. View the benefits of our regression testing services here.

E-commerce Testing Services:

We are one of the best QA testing companies in USA with energetic leading experts who influence customers by their constant effort and relentless potential to fulfil objective as planned. At Thinksys, customer’s satisfaction is the major focus to deliver unmatchable services. Our ecommerce testing reduces complexity with minimal resources and enhances the performance & security of overall system.

Benefits Of Our QA Testing Services:

Our significant software testing services compiled test strategy helps customers to build imperative applications. We have an excellent procedure that automates each application in magnificent way. At Thinksys, working disposes the effectiveness of accuracy. Our team with automotive tools fabricate results with profound knowledgeable experts which focus on faulty sections in order to correct and execute a working solution

  • • We minimize the defects tendency to make an impact for business purposes of an application.
  • • We deliver a steady application that has a continual ability in production.
  • • By collecting and co-relating all the methodologies we improve the overall quality of a product.
  • • Our expertise professionals examine test processes in testing laboratory to handover creative solution as per customer concern.



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