Adequate Infosoft uses advanced technologies to build customized software packages to meet the changing needs of the automobile industry. We have more than a decade of experience in developing automobile software solutions that help companies cope with the double challenge of cost and time to market. We strive to create innovative business ideas with state-of-the-art technology to meet different process requirements, according to the needs of the evolving industry.

Our Automobile service includes..

Automotive Software Development, Automotive Software Services, Automobile Software Developer, Vechile

Vechile Interior Web & Apps

Choose interactive UX induced with touch screen, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing.

Service Includes :

  • Car dashboard based apps

  • Music and video streaming apps

  • AR-based vehicle navigation apps

Enterprise Mobile Web & Apps

We offer Enterprise Mobile Web & Apps solutions and build applications that allow people to provide the best service/support easily and on-site.

Service Includes :

  • Vehicle tracking and invoicing apps

  • Data management & budgeting apps

  • Transportation workflow management app

Automotive Software Development, Automotive Software Services, Automobile Software Developer, AutoMobile
Automotive Software Development, Automotive Software Services, Automobile Software Developer, On-Demand

On-Demand Automotive Web & Apps

Build on-demand automotive applications with an interactive user interface, administrative dashboards, and robust and scalable analytics tools.

Service Includes :

  • Infotainment apps and digital radio

  • Driving guide and rear vision apps

  • Punching calculation apps

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Value-Added Approach

The combination of technical knowledge and automotive skills enables us to provide value-added solutions to your business and customers.

Real-Time Solutions

Adequate Infosoft has more than 10 years of experience in delivering best-in-class automobile software solutions worldwide. We combine years of technology expertise and field knowledge to offer real-time solutions.

Focus on Innovation

We aim to keep up with emerging autonomous technologies such as V2X connectivity, computer vision, E2E HMI, HD maps, and more.

Flexible Delivery Models

As part of our service methodology, we offer flexible delivery of various models based on the unique needs of the project and the client.

Dedicated Developer Team

Adequate Infosoft is a top-leading automobile software development company that has a team of dedicated developers working on-demand to offer innovative solutions and 100% client satisfaction.

Advanced Technology Deployment

As a leading automotive software development company in India, we integrate advanced technologies including AR / VR, ML / AI, IoT, and Blockchain into our automotive software development.

Hire Adequate Infosoft for Automobile Software development?

Are you considering hiring a full-time developer? Concerned about the quality of automobile software provided by unverified manufacturers? Businesses in this field need to innovate in order to be better positioned in the age of autonomous vehicles. At the same time, they must ensure that their overall business is in line with their business objectives.

In order to achieve excellent results despite stiff competition and demanding customers, many companies choose automobile software solutions to companies like Adequate Infosoft. This not only focuses on innovation but also reduces development costs because, at Adequate Infosoft, we offer the full spectrum of intelligent and high-performance software solutions to the automotive industry. Gain a price-performance advantage by choosing us as your outsourcing partner.

Automobile Software Solutions We Offer

Today, the automobile industry can be divided into three main categories, namely: hardware manufacturers (who manufacture vehicles/components), software manufacturers (who design software applications for the vehicle system), and the intelligence layer (which provides hardware, software, and many other digital technologies to provide an innovative customer experience). order). We offer customized software solutions for two of the above categories. Our software services for the automotive industry include:

1. Automotive ERP Solutions

Our ERP solutions include all core business processes, including asset management, merchant management, employee management, inventory tracking, supplier management, logistics management, inventory management, and more.

2. Customer Engagement Solutions

Maintaining high-end customer engagement is essential in the automobile industry. We build solutions for customer lifecycle management, cross-channel commerce, loyalty management, marketing and sales management, customer service management, and more.

3. Connected Mobility Solutions

Intelligent transport systems have become widely available. Our software solutions for smart mobility, connected cars, service mobility, cloud, Internet of Things, GPS, NFC, fleet management, and more can help you stay competitive in the industry.

4. Automation and IoT

Autonomous vehicles are all the biggest distractions in the automobile industry. We use the power of machine learning and AI to meet your intelligent vehicle needs with our automobile software development solutions. The sky's the limit when these technologies are to be used in the automobile industry.

5. Machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence are the two technologies that businesses work on today. They have the power to take their automobile businesses to a whole new level, whether it’s autonomous vehicles or optimizing overall business processes. Adequate Infosoft keeps up with the latest developments in these areas and brings them to life in our solutions.

6. Data Science and Analytics

We have a dedicated Data Science team that uses advanced analytics, cognitive computing, and predictive analytics to solve automotive business analytics challenges.

7. Product Lifecycle Management Solutions

The automotive product development lifecycle is very complex, so advanced software solutions can be used to optimize operations, increase compliance and collaboration between departments.

The Steps We Follow in Automotive Software Solutions

Software development is one of our main strengths at Adequate Infosoft. We have in-depth knowledge in developing customized solutions for the automobile industry. Over the past decade, we have streamlined the software development lifecycle and are able to produce high-performance software solutions in faster turnaround times. Our process includes:

1. Agile Software Development

Once we have decided on the full SDLC schedule, we commit to coding with fewer developers to keep costs to a minimum.

2. Testing and Quality Assurance (QA)

The modules coded by our developers are tested using test packages. The results help reveal hidden bugs or bugs that can be fixed before release.

3. Integration and Implementation

We will evaluate your existing hardware and support configuration and provide integration and implementation support.

4. Optimization, Maintenance, and Upgrade

We will continue to provide routine and special updates as well as software fixes to ensure that the software is well supported until it is removed from service.

5. Business Requirements Analysis

We are in constant contact with his team to discover the need to formulate a strategy concept that is ideal for delivering robust software quickly through TAT.

6. Selection of Tools and Technology

We will work with our internal team to select the right software tool and technology to complete the development without exceeding the budget.

7. Solution Planning and Design

We carefully plan our SDLC strategy and commit to a clean project that we support well throughout our lifecycle.

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