AEM is an Advertising company that connects everyday to businesses and organizations.Mobile application is for Drivers to track there route and miles. Drivers are paid monthly to drive with advertisement on their vehicle.


1. Login Screen:

If user is not registered before then he need to register first after that he will logged into driver account.

2. Location :

After completing his profile info, first screen will be as shown below if any user’s GPS is not working then it will a warning as shown below

3. Live Location:

After turning GPS on It will show there live location on map as shown below

4. Driver Info Screen:

After Login if Driver not complete his profile info then app automatically redirect to profile screen to fill the all compulsory fields and click on SAVE and UPDATE button to update the profile info.

5. Company Request Screen:

Once the Driver complete profile info and admin approve the driver profile for advertisement. Then Driver can get the advertisement requests from Advertisers.

6. Payment History:

Driver can accept the request and can see the payment history.

7. Upload Car:

Driver can upload the vehicle images also from upload section.

8. Uploaded Car images :

If Driver click on the bottom navigation car button then driver can see the uploaded vehicle images.

9. Driver Profile Detail :

Driver can see the profile details if click on User icon on the top right corner.

10. Update Driver Info:

Driver can also edit the profile by clicking edit button which is in top right of driver image.


  • Android SDK, iOS Framework
  • Xamarin 2.0 (C#),
  • Adobe Flash (Flash/AIR)
  • HTML/Javascript
  • Swift and iOS SDK
  • Payment Gateway

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