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Coding Standards

Our developers strictly adhere to international coding standards to guarantee the development of more competent applications in the global market.

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Our Developers are aware of the importance of the privacy and confidentiality of all customers in a secured manner.

Lower Turn-Around-Time

The developers of Adequate Infosoft have created a trail to complete projects in a significantly shorter time.

Our iBeacon App services include...

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iBeacon App Development, iBeacon App Services, iBeacon App Developers, costCost-effective Development

We offer Window app development services at the most affordable prices in the industry while maintaining higher quality standards.

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Guarantee 100% client satisfaction with compliance to international coding standards.

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Adequate Infosoft guarantees the delivery of completely bug-free apps.

Technology Used


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  • iBeacon App Development, iBeacon App Services, iBeacon App Developers, SwiftSwift


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Looking for iBeacon App Development Company? Hire Adequate Infosoft

Adequate Infosoft is a leading brand and reputed name in the iBeacon application development industry. We have created several apps in iBeacon technology. BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) experts have set a milestone in their excellence by gaining in-depth knowledge of Beacon technology and BLE connectivity. Promise to convert your data-sharing iOS device to iBeacon via Bluetooth. Our innovative and dedicated team takes care of your design, your needs and helps you build a strong brand value in the market.

What is an iBeacon and How it works?

iBeacon is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology standard introduced by Apple Inc. that allows mobile applications (both iOS and Android) to receive signals from beacons and exchange information over short distances. In essence, iBeacon technology allows transmitter hardware to determine the proximity and location of nearby devices and to connect the physical and digital worlds. It provides a personalized user experience and is ideal for businesses as they can individually target customers and market their products or services.

The function of iBeacon is to send all information at regular intervals. The beacons themselves are low-cost, low-power transmitters equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy. Apps installed on iPhone look for the signal transmitted by the flags and perform actions when the phone is within range. iBeacon technology is induced by a low-cost, low-power, and lower-power Bluetooth device that uses low frequency to transmit weak signals, primarily from advertisements or small data packets, that iBeacons periodically broadcasts to other Bluetooth-enabled devices via radio waves.

Features & Advantages Of iBeacon

iBeacon is an Apple technology that allows mobile apps to listen to beacon signals in the physical world and respond accordingly. Our iBeacon development team has in-depth knowledge and understanding of low-power Bluetooth - essential to exploring the power and potential of iBeacon.

  • Mobile Payment Solutions

  • Health-Related Apps

  • Interactive Apps

  • Push Notifications Apps

  • Shopping Apps

  • Travel Apps
  • Indoor Navigation & Maps

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Providing Location-Based Information

  • CSS

  • Transferring Documentation

  • iCloud Integration

How iBeacon App Help Your Business

Personalized Interaction

Helps in providing a personalized user experience.

Virtual Employee

With iBeacon, the user only needs to be in the immediate vicinity of the product, and the indicator light conveys all the information about the product. The application may also have a function in which they can compare products.

Convert customer to App users

With a personalized experience gained through the iBeacon app, you have the opportunity to acquire and retain your customers as an app user. With the iBeacon app installed on their phone, they get notified of the app when they’re near the store and get updates on the latest offers or discounts.

Gathering Feedback

It allows users to give feedback based on their experience, thereby increasing their chances of instant feedback.

Why Choose Adequate Infosoft

Adequate Infosoft is one of the best companies to use Beacon application development services. Our team of expert developers has created a very inventive application in the past. The app is related to tracking the mass of different events, interacting with them, and developing a relationship. This follow-up application was a revelation that various event organizers are constantly looking for. It made life easier and interactive. Be it from any place for mass gatherings, this app has proven its power. Using the latest technologies and tools, our iBeacon developers create excellent, scalable, functional, and unique iBeacon technology solutions for our valued customers at a cost-effective price.

Offer Value-Added Experience

iBeacon applications provide excellent and high-level personalization and a user experience to connect to nearby devices. Therefore, they are ideal for individual user communication.

Provides Real-Time Notifications

When users enter the store, they receive push notifications about offers when they are within the range of the transmitter. This application has proven to be a cost-effective solution.

Facilitates Mobile Payments

The development of iBeacon applications for seamless payments has been recognized as the app has launched cashless payments. Behind the solution is the initiative to make payments as simple as possible.

Custom iBeacon App Solutions

Known for offering high quality, customized, and customized iBeacon application development services and solutions. Our iBeacon application provides the best user experience.

At Adequate Infosoft, we offer enterprise-class iBeacon application development services to small, medium, and large companies worldwide. We help provide a personalized in-store shopping experience with contextual and meaningful advertising notifications received through the iBeacon app. With our extensive knowledge of BLE-powered technology and futuristic thinking, we offer scalable and unique iBeacon application development services at a competitive price.Just contact us through the given below form or
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