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MEAN is an Acronym for

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MongoDB for Storage

It also allows applications to share data faster, making them quick and easy to use. MongoDB is a NoSQL database that facilitates the scalability and mobility of business applications.
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ExpressJS for Web Programming

Express JS is a simple, flexible, and scalable JavaScript web application development architecture that allows you to create dynamic websites with extraordinary features.
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AngularJS for Front-end Development

AngularJS is a client-side framework used to implement web applications and present intelligent, fast, and personalized information.
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NodeJS for Web Server

NodeJS is an open-source web development framework used to build highly scalable web applications. The application includes the web server thus saves significant development time.

Key Benefits of using MEAN Stack framework

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You do not need to learn a separate programming language, as Node.js allows you to use JavaScript on the front end and back end both interface and the back.

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In the MEAN stack, MongoDB and Node.js can solve security issues when your site is dealing with heavy traffic.

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NoSQL feature enabled by MongoDB, you can quickly modify the data layer without having to worry about migration issues.

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Open Source

MEAN creates robust web applications and web development and it is free open-source software.

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Managing MongoDB installations with cloud solutions saves time and money.

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Codesharing has never been easier than with Node.js and npm (node packet manager).

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Enhanced Performance

Because Node.js runs on a faster architecture, it is optimized to provide better performance.

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Developing applications through MEAN allows you to write code that can be transferred to AngularJS with absolute ease later on. This makes MEAN-based programming extremely easy.

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Single Page Applications

Develop one-sided or single-page applications through AngularJS that are easy to build, test, and maintain.

Hire MEAN Developers of Adequate Infosoft For Expressive and Next-level Coding

Tailored Coding

Committed to providing the best coding, our developers are constantly keeping in sync with Laravel’s database agnostic migrations and schema builder.

Apps for End Users

Developing web applications with user-friendly interfaces is the most important consideration for our developers, who do it anytime, anywhere.

Hiring Models to Suit Your Work

Our developer hiring models (hourly/monthly / fixed cost-based) tend to match the work of the project.

Adherence to Coding Guidelines and Standards

While maintaining a creative approach, all coding guidelines and standards set by Laravel are strictly adhered to.

Weaving the Magic of Laravel

Using tools like painless routing, simple authentication, and an efficient queue library, our developers provide amazing applications with the magic of Laravel.

Development to Suit Your Budget

To eliminate additional costs, our encoders perform very high-quality and pocket-friendly development.

Why is MEAN stack development a must for your next business project?

Developing a MEAN stack does not limit the process of developing a website or application based on its open-source capabilities for simple frontend or backend development. Our experienced and well trained MEAN stack developers need to meet a variety of requirements that are essentially set up to add more value and functionality to your site. Our ingenious methods reduce the time spent in the product development cycle and provide extra time to release the product and be one step ahead of their competitors.

In this article, we’ll see what MEAN stack is, why you must choose MEAN stack development for your next project ?

What is MEAN?

The abbreviation of MEAN is; MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js. It is a collection of user-friendly, full-stack JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks are suitable for building dynamic websites and applications. It is an open-source stack for developers of a fast and organized method that builds prototypes of web applications based on MEAN.

Contribution of each component to MEAN


MongoDB is a database for creating RESTful APIs or MVC-style applications or websites. For web or mobile applications that communicate extensively with the data backend, it is great for flexible and fast data storage.


ExpressJS designed for high-performance applications. If you want to build single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications, it is the best choice. Express offers robust interactive features.


AngularJS has emerged as the technology of choice for building high-end web applications because it allows developers to expand the HTML vocabulary of the application.


Thanks to its event-driven architecture and non-blocking features because Node.js supports the creation of very fast server-side, cross-platform applications. Developers use it to build a web or mobile applications that need to communicate a lot with a server to retrieve personalized and up-to-date data. NodeJS is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine. A major advantage that the MEAN stack development offers is the language. JavaScript is a single language that runs on all layers of the application. This helps a lot to make the application and web development approach more efficient and modern.

Advantages You would get after hiring MEAN stack development technology

1. High Flexibility

Upon completion of application development, the developer can easily test the application on a cloud platform. The MEAN stack is highly flexible, as you can 1. Develop, 2. Test and 3. Present the application without complications.

2. MEAN facilitates easy isomorphic coding

The MEAN stack facilitates the transfer of code written in one structure to another. To bring perfection in the development of applications and websites nowadays, MEAN stack development companies are exploring new technologies.

3. Cost-effective

In the MEAN stack, the requirement for a total number of developers is less compared to the LAMP stack. In the LAMP stack, you need developers who are proficient in technologies like JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP. Therefore, the MEAN stack is an economical method of developing applications.

4. Cloud Compatible

The MEAN stack uses public libraries and repositories for the development process. The overall development cost is also lower when you use this technology.

5. Open-source Platform

The MEAN stack is updated frequently, as its components are open source.

6. Development of a Single Language

An obvious advantage of using MEAN stack development is that the complete code for the development takes place in JavaScript. It includes development from the client-side to the server-side. This could very well be a blessing in disguise for MEAN stack developers who are learning the language from scratch.

7. Easy to Learn

The development of the MEAN stack is easy to learn for anyone, whether they are front-end or back-end developers. It is easy to understand, understand, and implement during development.

8. Quality User Interfaces

MEAN provides quality user interfaces because it supports MVC (Model view controller) architecture.

9. High Speed and Reuse

The development of the MEAN stack is high-speed and reusable due to the Node.js. In addition, Angular JS, which is an open-source JavaScript framework, offers Testability, Reuse, and Maintenance.

10. Huge Library

Node.js has a huge library with a rich variety of JavaScript modules. These modules facilitate the process of developing web applications with Node.js.

Most leading companies in the development of mobile and web applications are making extensive use of MEAN stack technologies to deliver next-generation mobile and web applications. If you want to develop any application or website with MEAN stack technology, contact Adequate Infosoft.

Adequate Infosoft's developers are exceptional when it comes to MEAN stack technology and years of experience.

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