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IoT services improve operational efficiencies, enhance user experiences and create a digital business by connecting people, processes, and information together. IoT (Internet of Things) is a system concept where all objects are connected to each other via the Internet. Embedded sensors, processors, and various communication devices such as BLE, Wi-Fi, iBeacon, NFC, RFID, and more. By leveraging, connected devices can collect, transmit and operate on shared data to create value for both consumers and businesses. We offer innovative and next-level application development services to solve real-world problems in various industry vertical areas. We offer end-to-end IoT application development services, including both hardware and software support, with the goal of providing the best performance in software and hardware technologies. We help our clients that are based in countries such as Germany France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, US, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and other European & Asian countries to build smart gadgets, turn analog products into digital using sensors, firmware, and IoT platforms and create infrastructure (embedded, web, and mobile) for custom IoT solutions.

What is Internet Of Things ?

The Internet of Things refers to the billions of hardware surrounding us that are somewhere connected to the internet. The entire procedure of collecting and sharing data through computer chips comes under the Internet Of Things. The Internet Of Things has made our life so simple that we can operate anything or everything, including a capsule size device to a military product using the Internet Of Things. It helps us collect real-time data on temperature, weather, speed, wind flow, heart rate, blood flow, or everything possible to measure in the universe. Everything around us these days involves IoT. We came across multiple devices in a day that works on the Internet of Things.

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Benefits of using the Internet of Things (IoT)

Cost reduction

Internet of Things is automatically scheduled and controlled through various softwares; hence it reduces the cost of the device. Also, the maintenance cost of the product got cut down due to the compact design of the devices.

Efficiency and productivity

We all want to save time in every task we do, and IoT is very time-saving and efficient. We can control and manage multiple things through a single device. This somehow increases our productivity and also helps us to do tasks analytically.

Business opportunities

All companies that deal with IoT are providing multiple services to their clients. The effectiveness of the IoT devices can be the main reason due to which they are able to deal in various sectors. Currently, you can compare numerous devices of the same price range to sort out the one with full features. IoT is the only platform that is capable of providing these multiple facilities to clients.

Mobility and agility

IoT devices are a company and give high performance to the user. So, it would be better to assign any work to an IoT device rather than hiring multiple human resources for the task. Also, the productivity of an IoT device is comparably higher than a manually operated device.

Adequate Infosoft has provided IoT development services for the following industry:

Embedded System:

All the devices installed with sensors, microchips, programming, and processors are the result of IoT. Embedded developers design various boards, APIs, hardware, and protocols to make a device work with the Internet of Things.

Machine Learning:

Machine learning gives us the potential to know computer algorithms. Customers can collect massive amounts of data from devices operated through IoT. Later the server uses the same cached data to predict the future behavior of the event.

Building Automation:

We are integrating IoT with buildings to create new generation automation devices. These devices are efficient in monitoring and controlling electronic, electrical, and mechanical equipment. All public, private, and residential buildings use IoT-based automatic machines. These devices help us monitor all systems used in building construction and collect real-time data.

Smart home:

IoT has the capability to control household devices like lamps, pumps, and air conditioners. This feature of IoT has somehow simplified our lives to a great extent. Now we can operate household appliances very conveniently from anywhere. We can switch ON or OFF any electronic device from anywhere or set a timer in electronic devices for automatic shutdown.

Security system:

The security system is in high demand these days because of increasing robbery and burglary. Everyone wants their home, office, residence, or shops to remain safe. To accomplish this, they use various kinds of Security systems. Modern security systems include door and window sensors, Theft lock sensors. Wireless security camera, high-decibel siren or alarm, and motion sensors. All of these devices can be easily managed through a mobile or laptop


IoT is widely used for creating Surveillance devices. We generally use CCTV cameras, drones, and video recorders for Surveillance purposes. IoT has made it possible to use these devices from a distance to accomplish the same task. Now it is straightforward to monitor and keep a record of the Surveillance on a server.


IoT plays an essential role in the agriculture industry. There are countless IoT devices for farming purposes. Some of these devices help the farmers to know the quality of soil, whether the soil is suitable for the growth of a particular crop or not, and various other things. It also helps the farmer to collect data on temperature, humidity, rainfall, and other factors that can affect the productivity of crops.

Medical equipment:

All the new-generation medical equipment is designed through IoT. Nowadays, doctors can take better care of patients through virtual monitoring machines. These machines directly send the data to the doctor no matter how far they are sitting. Here are some devices that are designed using IoT: ECG machines, Glucose Monitors, Air quality sensors, Drug effectiveness tracking, Sleep monitor, Remote care biometrics scanners, and Safety tools for infants.

Energy management:

Energy management helps us to make optimum use of the power in an organization or building. IoT enables us to collect real-time data on the energy consumption in a building to make effective use of power by detecting the faults or loopholes in the system.

Innovative Energy meter solutions:

We install multiple electric devices at our house or office. Our busy life schedule has made it impossible to track and know the actual data consumption of these devices. Also, sometimes, we unknowingly leave a device on that consumes continuous power resulting in increased electricity bills. IoT gives us the feasibility to manage all electronic devices and optimize power consumption. We can turn on or off any product just by connecting the function of that device to our mobile phones. Besides this, IoT also finds its application in handling bulk energy devices like transformers.

Data logger:

Data loggers help us collect real-time data related to location or any other factor. Various devices are currently used and are the ideal example of data loggers. Weather forecasting machines and hydrographic recording machines are the best examples of data logger devices. It collects continuous data on wind, speed, temperature, humidity, water flow, pH level depth, and other factors related to weather and water.

Military equipment:

IoT has massive importance in the military domain as all modern generation machinery is based on automation technologies. We use IoT devices in reconnaissance, surveillance, monitoring, combat, awareness, and risk assessment on the battlefield. Besides, the drones, planes, tanks, and other equipment used in the Military are also designed using the internet of things. It is impossible to keep an eye on the enemy through bare eyes on the battlefield. Therefore they use IoT-connected high-ranging drones to monitor the location of the enemy.

What are the popular IoT Technologies?


LPWANs widely find their application to connect low-bandwidth devices with low bit rates. It is capable of accommodating uplink speeds up to 200 Kbps having packet sizes from 10 to 1,000 bytes. Moreover, various other technologies give the long-range of LPWANs from 2 km to 1,000 km.

Cellular (3G/4G/5G)

IoT is used to create later Cellular (3G/4G/5G) devices. All the modern communication devices are 3G/4G/5G enabled to provide high-speed internet access to the user.


Zigbee is a trending wireless technology that is used in connecting wireless electronic devices at a low cost. It is developed as an open global standard to address low-cost, low-power wireless IoT networks’ unique needs. The protocol allows devices to communicate in various network topologies and can have battery life lasting several years.

Bluetooth and BLE

Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth is an excellent Wireless Personal space networking technology used in IoT applications. Application and software developers are widely using BLE to ascertain connections between suitable devices.


Wi-Fi is commonly known to all. We use this to connect our electronic devices to connect with the internet provided by a secondary device. It sends a radio signal from the router, which we capture to access the internet on the device.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a wireless system that includes two components. The first one is the tags and the second one is the reader. Tags are used to capture radio waves, and later these rays are sent to the reader to detect the location of the tags. These are commonly used in public transports, tolls, Logistics, Identification of animals for location the tags.


MQ Telemetry Transport is a lightweight and straightforward protocol used for messaging. MQTT simply subscribes and publicizes the design for high latency, unreliable and low bandwidth network devices. Moreover, MQ Telemetry Transport is the best option for sending high-volume sensor messages to analytics platforms and cloud solutions.

Hire IoT Developers of Adequate Infosoft For Expressive Coding

Coding Standards

Our developers strictly adhere to international coding standards to guarantee the development of more competent applications in the global market.

Client Confidentiality

Our Developers are aware of the importance of the privacy and confidentiality of all customers in a secured manner.

Lower Turn-Around-Time

The developers of Adequate Infosoft have created a trail to complete projects in a significantly shorter time.

Test Before Coding

With the first test approach, we check each code before writing it and finish the project to remove any visible bugs at the time.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Working on modern technology from web design and development, we ensure to build robust and flexible web solutions for our customers.

Rapid Deployment & Configuration

Our fast installation & configuration services ensure fast project deployment and hassle-free customization.

Hire Adequate Infosoft for IoT Services

IoT is the science of connecting physical devices effectively through the Internet to build a connected world. IoT uses intelligent software solutions and allows communication between objects via sensors or various communication devices such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, and more. The motto of Adequate Infosoft is providing top-notched IoT mobile applications for clients. These IoT devices will create an intelligent connection between man and machine. Our programmers are dedicated to offering a broad range of innovative application development services to solve real-world problems in various verticals. We offer end-to-end hardware and software IoT application development services, with the firm goal of a Human-machine Interface (HMI).

Process of Developing an Internet of Things (IoT) Application

Internet of Things (IoT) is extremely required in mobile software development. Almost every application these days is designed considering the IoT. Internet solutions are simplifying our everyday lives. It allows us to keep a continuous look at the data, receive and send them to other servers. Moreover, IoT also harnesses us to use special electronic equipment (various sensors, chips, video cameras, measuring devices, etc.) through our smartphones.

“Internet of Things” is the homogeneous network that connects real-time objects with machines and allows us to exchange data. It doesn’t require human intervention to record, send or save data through the Internet of things. Connection methods can include any type and combination of cable (twisted pair, coaxial, power supply) and wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, mobile) connections. This process implements the "machine-to-machine" (M2M) principle.

Benefits of The Internet of Things (IoT)

There are many areas in the implementation of IoT. These can be used to intellectually manage smart homes, machines in the medical sector to automatically diagnose and keep a record of the patient's medical conditions. This data can be further used for surveys or to track the health of the patient. IoT is also used in the transportation industry for tracking vehicles, IT companies for software development. The Cost of creating IoT is also reasonable; hence it is occupying the market gradually.

IoT is the science of connecting physical devices with the Internet to build an intelligent world. It uses intelligent software solutions that allow communication between objects via sensors. It can also be used in communication devices such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, and more for the collection of data from various sources. Our goal is to provide IoT mobile applications that create intelligent connections between man and machine. Our dynamic IoT application solutions can help to buck up your business.

Our IoT Application Development Services

Adequate Infosoft is providing end-to-end Internet of Things application development services at affordable rates. Our offshore Internet of Things application development services includes:

IoT Gateway Development

We are one-stop shops for the Internet of Things for all IoT development requirements, so we are developing an IoT gateway for its application.

IoT Implementation & Support

Adequate Infosoft is not limited to provide web application development services for global clients. But we are also affianced in offering full support and maintenance services to our prestigious clients.

Connectivity with Wearable Devices

Our company has a wealth of domain expertise in offering It services throughout the globe. We are engaged in developing various types of wearable IoT devices that help to collect and circulate real-time data.

Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions

We always strive to provide advanced IoT application development solutions and voice-based technology solutions for mobiles. You can contact our programmers to create an IoT-based system for your organization.

Data Analytics

Our diligent developers are experienced in offering advanced IoT mobile applications that can perform advanced-level data analysis to meet business needs.

IoT Development Consultancy

We are offering IoT consulting services for our valued clients. Under this service, we positively work for the advancement of the Internet of Things. Our experienced IoT application consultants are providing free consultation to the clients. You can contact us to get a free consultation from our experts.

IoT Application Development

Our talented IoT application developers will help you find the right IoT solution that helps to boost your business. We are harnessed to offer flexible strategies mixed with excellent security to handle new-edge IoT devices.

Backend & API Development

Our team is dedicated to providing high-level web programmers and coders. We provide thorough background and API development solutions to our prestigious clients.

Application Development for IoT Devices

Our IoT application development team will help you develop a customer-centric usable application for different devices. It eventually helps you to achieve your business goal and make excessive use of IoT technology.

Criteria we follow while creating IoT applications:

Ensure secure data collection:

Security is the prime concern of our professionals while creating an IoT application. We are creating IoT devices that are efficient in transferring data without compromising privacy. The sensors we are using are capable of transferring data securely to a reliable machine without adulteration. We take utmost care of security while developing the application of the Internet of Things. It is essential to think this way to apply core potential to protect the received information received.

Organize high-performance data streaming:

hundreds or even thousands of electronic devices are virtually connected to gather real-time data in IoT. Therefore, to efficiently accomplish the work, we require traditional packet transmission sensors.

Create an IoT platform:

The IoT is a set of software tools and sensors that work together to collect, organize, store, and process data from electronic devices.

Develop an IoT solution in the cloud:

Cloud solutions are widely used for quickly delivering the processed data to any user. It is also helpful in organizing centralized storage. Cloud solutions can ensure the efficient operation of the Internet of Things using minimal operating costs and requirements for bearer networks.

Efficient data management:

In-memory analysis and data processing systems are most commonly used. Such solutions ensure that the processed results are quickly delivered to the end-user, even in the event of a failure of the data collection devices.

There are plenty of training resources and tools available to know the importance of the Internet of Things. It will help you to know about IoT solutions in a relatively short amount of time. In addition, You are searching for an IoT software company to develop a system for your organization then we recommend you go with the best. In the coming years, we see the great potential for IoT systems in every sector. IoT developer of Adequate Inforsoft is prepared to deal with all upcoming challenges.

I hope that I have discussed all the major advantages and criteria we used while providing IoT (Internet of Things) development solutions to clients. Adequate Infosoft prospers in offering a comprehensive range of IoT and embedded software solutions at reasonable costs. Also, we ensure to extend the power of your organization while developing these IoT systems. You can fill the form, contact us on call or email your query regarding IoT solutions. Also, we will provide you the latest quotes on IoT services provided by adequate Infosoft. Email your requirement at: contact@adequateinfosoft.com

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