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AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a set of technologies that are widely used in software development companies to design responsive web apps. Both javascript and XML, are the best languages for website development and altogether they harness the power to create a magical website.

Adequate Infosoft is a leading AJAX web development company with a presence in India and South Africa that helps businesses in the countries like Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, US, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and other European & Asian countries to create responsive, interactive, and at the same time faster loading applications.


AJAX is new in the market and it is still on its way to becoming a sought-after programming technique. It first appeared in March 1999 and since then the developer has never looked back. The popularity of AJAX is increasing day by day and most existing developers are familiar with this trending programming language.

Using Javascript and XML has its own advantages but the combination of these two powerful languages is even worth the importance. AJAX comes with the feature of both Javascript and XML hence getting more responsive.

Fundamental Benefit of using AJAX:

AJAX has some benefits that both Javascript and XML independently fail to provide. Hence it is the most sought-after programming language used in almost every custom software development company nowadays. Here are the Fundamental features of AJAX that make it different from other integrated languages.

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Swift performance

Developers created AJAX to increase the functioning speed and overall efficiency of the application and AJAX is doing its task well. If you want to reduce traffic on servers then use AJAX technology in website development.

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Responsive design

AJAX is an extremely responsive language hence used to design interactive websites and applications. There are so many applications that we are presently using and are designed using the AJAX language.

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Limited bandwidth usage

Bandwidth usage is a mandatory feature and AJAX can work efficiently on low bandwidth as well. No need to go through the entire webpage as AJAX will show you the required content consuming low bandwidth. This feature of AJAX is beneficial for software developers as they can make the best use of the Server’s bandwidth.

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User-Friendly Design

AJAX is the language of the modern era and it permits developers to create fast, responsive, and user-friendly websites. Also, frequent updates of the application keep users engaged with the application that obliquely brought profit for the business.

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Real-time data interaction

Applications created using AJAX support real-time data interaction. Ence most real-time data tracking and navigation applications are built using AJAX to minimize the development complexity.

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Browser and Platform Independent

AJAX requires no Plugin and it is Browser and Platform Independent. Codes in AJAX and independent to use on any platform.

Our popular AJAX Web Development services

Being a Progressive custom software company, we are affianced in delivering numerous software services for clients. These services are rendered under the supervision of our skilled developers who try to eliminate all small errors from the web application. Throughout our career, we have developed multiple customer-centric applications on AJAX to meet the vivid requirement of clients.

AJAX Web App Development

AJAX is most often used to deliver responsive AJAX Web Application Development services to clients. Our team has immense knowledge about multiple languages, libraries, and technologies that don't need an introduction. Using these technologies together, our developers have created multiple Web applications.

AJAX Integration Solutions

Web App Development is not something that we are limited to. Our core competency in this field allows us to provide the best-in-class Integration services to our clients. Now you can hire dedicated AJAX developers from Adequate Infosoft to host your own applications on the server.

Migration Services

AJAX technology can be used to migrate one application into another platform. Though the process is a little bit complex still our huge experience in this domain qualifies us to accept challenges and deliver these Migration Services in a protected manner.

Modules & plug-in development Service

We understand the changing requirement of any business and to deal with this we are providing Modules & plug-in development Service. These additional Modules & plug-ins will help you to beat your competitors at every step.

Maintenance & Technical Support Service

We are providing an exceptional range of Maintenance & Technical Support services to our clients using AJAX technology. Interested beings can contact our AJAX agency to make changes, up-gradation, or customization services from us at feasible prices.

AJAX E-commerce Solutions

Using AJAX, we have developed several E-commerce solutions for our international clients. This application comes with an integrated payment gateway, smooth interface, and in-built search feature to meet the changing demand of customers.

Why choose Adequate Infosoft for AJAX Web Development?

Adequate Infosoft is a supreme AJAX development company located in India. We are providing AJAX web development services globally so that clients can build interactive and high-performance websites to make their business grow. Our dedicated AJAX developers make use of cutting-edge technologies and vogue frameworks to accomplish their projects with magnificence.

Dedicated Employees

Adequate Infosoft is backed up with a team of dedicated AJAX developers wh work here on a full-time basis to complete the project with maximum clearance.

Quality Development

We strictly adhere to the development quality of our projects. Our professional work ethics make us compatible to use all resources wisely to deliver the project as promised.

Free Trial

To ensure quality development we provide free trials to our clients. You can contact us directly to get these free trials before outsourcing the AJAX web development project to or organization.

Diverse Experience

Our AJAX web development company is ruling the software industry relying on its wide domain experience. The entire web development team is sensibly distributed in different positions that enable us to deliver unparalleled services to clients.

Case Studies of Our Esteemed Projects:

Lending Management Solutions

We have developed banking Solutions for Ghaza based clients where customers can repay small loans under specific repayment conditions. C#, .Net, Web API, AJAX, Angular 7 are major languages that we used in the development of this Lending Management application. Read More

Crypto Wallet App With B2C Marketplace Platform

Our organization has developed a fully functional Crypto Wallet Application for our clients. In this application, we have installed separate panels for Merchant, Customer, Delivery Man and Admin to fulfill client’s business requirements. To develop this application, we have used C#, AJAX, Java, Swift, .Net, Web API, HTML5, and much other technology. Read More

ERP software development

Our skilled developers have designed an ERP platform where they can maintain accounts, inventory, and payment of customers. Also, customers can use the same application to book orders for construction and mining parts. This application was developed using Angular, C#, .net, AJAX, HTML, SQL Server, JavaScript, and J-Query. Read More

Automatic Trading Application Development

Under this project, clients were demanding a Trading platform where end users can trade without any human intervention. This application was developed by our dedicated AJAX developers using .NET3.5, ASP.Net, J-Query, and AJAX to make the application the utmost responsive. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AJAX permits site pages to be refreshed non concurrently by interchanging information through a web server. Also, developers can make changes to a particular part of a page without disturbing the entire page. This is undoubtedly the best feature of AJAX for which it is so much in demand these days.
AJAX works on both front-end and back-end smartly. It specifically transfers information from front-end to back-end. All codes of AJAX are written in JavaScript, whereas to design server-side developers can use their choice of language.
AJAX is a progressive language, a combination of two famous languages Javascript and XML that already make it the supreme language for web development. Moreover, it comes with interactive features that help developers to create responsive and speedy websites.
AJAX does not exactly come under the JavaScript library. However, it is a combination of multiple technologies created to meet the changing market trends.

At our organization, every AJAX development project is tested meticulously so that our testers would be able to fix all the bugs before handing over the final project to the clients. Adequate Infosoft is an acclaimed AJAX development agency that you too can completely rely on. We are experienced in creating tailored software and web development platforms through the help of our dedicated AJAX developers and superlative skills. You can contact our organization to design websites using AJAX technology. These websites and applications will be responsive and convey real-time data to front-end users. At our end, we are delivering these services at reasonable prices at very low-profit margins. You can Email your requirement at: contact@adequateinfosoft.com or can directly call us at +91-0120-4198878 to discuss your project.

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