Our Embedded Development Services

Adequate Infosoft is a reputed name among the Embedded Design and Development with a satisfied client base in Germany France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, US, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and other European & Asian countries.

What is Embedded Software Development?

Embedded Software Development is a technique to control machines and devices through integrated software. As we see that all the modern gadgets and equipment are working on automation, embedded is a platform that helps us create automated machines. These are in high demand because they are straightforward to use and are compact in design. We need multiple microprocessors, programming tools, and operating systems to design embedded software

Embedded Software Development, Firmware Development Services, Embedded

What are we offering?

Adequate Infosoft is a pioneering software development company that understands clients’ requirements and provides them a convenient Embedded Software Development service as per their needs. Our talented software developers are capable of programming various microprocessors, boards, and chips in different languages. We offer our clients a complete range of Firmware designing, Human-Machine Interface (HMI), BSP, and hardware designing solutions at affordable prices. Our proficients ensure the smooth functioning of all devices programmed through the embedded techniques. Our deep domain experience allows us to create the best embedded software for your organization. We also deal in firmware, middleware, and hardware designing through a process-oriented approach.

Embedded Software Development, Firmware Development Services, Hardware

Hardware Designing:

Adequate Infosoft is a leading software company based in India, providing services to the globe. We believe in client satisfaction while providing any hardware or software development service. Our excellent services include designing various microprocessors (8/16/32 bit) to control machines in multiple sectors. Apart from this, we also deal in hardware designing or compact devices.

Firmware designing and development:

Embedded Firmware designing plays a significant role in today’s digitally advanced generation. These devices are capable of analyzing and monitoring real-time data. We are offering a comprehensive range of Firmware designing and development to our clients. We also work to analyze and maintain Firmware designing.

Embedded Software Development, Firmware Development Services, E-Learning
Embedded Software Development, Firmware Development Services, Virtual Classroom

Software designing:

Adequate Infosoft is capable of designing various software and Apps using Embedded C/C++, Python, .NET Microframework, Swift, Reachjs, Javascript, and Java languages, Kotlin. We have developed different human-machine interface (HMI) applications, wearable devices for industrial and client use.

App development:

Our proficients are known for creating user-centric embedded applications that can work both on the web and mobile. We use innovative techniques while designing these applications.

Embedded Software Development, Firmware Development Services, E-Learning

Operating systems on which we can affluently work:

All embedded programmers look for a real-time operating system that efficiently manages all the hardware and software resources. Our developers can work with Linux and other popular operating systems as a pioneering software development service provider.

Adequate Infosoft is associated with the following Industries/Vertical:

As you are already aware, embedded devices simplify our tasks and are used in multiple industries. These are very compact in design and easy to install; hence are in high demand. Being a global software service provider, Adequate Infosoft has dealt with multiple industries manufacturing and designing embedded technologies-based devices.

Home Automation

Embedded technology plays a vital role in the designing of household items for security purposes. We all are carving of ease of living, and embedded devices are offering the same to humankind.


Our professionals have programmed various GPS devices that have their use in the transport industry. They are efficient in locating lost vehicles and tracking the exact path of the commercial vehicles using a smartphone app.


It is impossible to operate a robot without embedded systems. The movements of a robot or functioning of drones everything is based on embedded. Our robotics include clinical laboratories, agriculture, surveillance systems, and education.


Medical sector is expanding these days; hence it is necessary to provide instruments with precision. All modern medical machines like MRI machines, CT scanning machines, and ECG machines are designed using embedded systems.


Keeping in mind the need of the next-generation, the entire aviation industry has now started to convert to embedded devices. We have developed various devices in our whole career that have been used in the aviation industry.

Telecommunication and Consumer electronics

Most electronic devices company on the side and are designed using embedded software. Our programmers are proficient in designing gaming consoles, music players, televisions, cameras, printers, and GPS receivers using embedded technology.

Board Support Package (BSP) solutions: BSP has a vital role in functioning hardware-specific drivers.

Embedded Software Programming ?

Our company is using various microprocessors & microcontrollers to deliver the Embedded Software Programming service to the clients. Also, we provide programming services for device drivers, IoT devices, HIDs, M2Ms, and many others.

Embedded Operating System?

We are a reputed software company dealing with customized Embedded Operating Systems. We program these embedded systems using Linux, QNX, Android Open Source Project (AOSP), FreeRTOS, Machine Learning(ML), and VxWorks.

Embedded Technology Expertise

We have a team of talented developers with strong knowledge of programming languages like Embedded-C and Embedded C++, along with Java, Python, and others.

Linux Enterprise Expertise

Our developers have immense experience working with Internet of things(IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions. We have worked for various organizations designing intelligent home appliances and consumer electronics. Apart from this, our developers are also reinforced with several projects on industrial automation, robotics, and other advanced systems.

Internet of Things (IoT) Development

Our developers are trained to use IoT development technology skillfully to deliver the purpose-oriented IoT device to any organization. We have already worked with various wearable electronic devices, automatic home appliances, and consumer electronics.

Complex DSC & DSP Development?

Adequate Infosoft is engaged in providing Complex DSC & DSP Development services to global clients. Digital Signal Controller and Processor services are perfect for surveillance systems, printers, mobile phones, and other consumer products like HD devices and cameras.

Embedded Software Development tool:

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PyCharm is a leading Embedded Software Development tool developed by Czech company JetBrains. We are using PyCharm integrated development environment to program a device with python. Our adroit professionals know how to create a code, inspect or handle the errors while creating an embedded software using PyCharm.

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Simplicity Studio

Simplicity Studio is the embedded tool developed by Silicon Labs. Our designers are reinforced with modern technology to work on the Simplicity Studio. You can contact us to get Simplicity Studio Embedded Software Development service for EFM8, EFM32, EFR32, BGM220P, and many more.

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ARM Keil

ARM Keil is perfect for Arm-based microcontrollers. We are a pioneering software development company known to create, build and debug software using ARM Keil.

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Visual Studio

Developers of Adequate Infosoft are handy to write, edit and debug code on Visual Studio Embedded Software Development tool. If you want to create a code for any device using the Visual Studio Embedded Software Development tool, contact our professionals to get the best service.

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Eclipse is a simple integrated development environment for C/C++ developers. Our proficients have immense experience in delivering projects based on the Eclipse Embedded Software Development tool. They generally work with C, C#, C++, Python, or PHP languages to create the best-embedded software with Eclipse.

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NetBeans is a renowned Embedded Software Development tool developed by Apache Software Foundation Oracle Corporation. Our programmers have a vast knowledge of working with NetBeans to create JavaScript, CSS, and HTML-based embedded applications.

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Arduino is a well-known embedded tool used for creating interactive electronic objects. Our professionals use Arduino software to read input and convert it into an output while making machines or things.

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Raspberry Pi

We are proficient in working on the Raspberry Pi tool along with python language to create a fully functioning embedded device.

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MPLAB is a highly configurable and expandable software program that helps developers to discover, develop, configure, debug and qualify designs. Our developers are single-handedly working with MPLAB to design microcontrollers and digital signal controllers.

What Embedded Software Solutions are we using?

Embedded Software is a microprocessor or microcontroller used to perform dedicated functions or tasks within a larger machine or electrical instrument. There are numerous Embedded Software companies available in the market. All of them provide different Software Solutions. For opting our service, it is essential to know what we can deliver. Our expert programmers have worked with the below Embedded Software solutions:

Silicon Labs:

We are handy with various Universal Embedded Development boards, 8 / 16 / 32-bit controllers’ piggy backboards and 8 / 16 / 32-bit controller’s prototype board to create an effective product for industry use. The few Silicon Labs chips that we have worked with are BGM220P, EFR32, and EFM32PG22.


The microchip is a leading embedded control solutions provider in the market. They have been indulging in offering a wide array of microprocessors and microcontrollers since 1989. The primary purpose of the microchip is to provide an easy interface to the developers. We have worked with multiple microprocessors and hips developed by “Microchip.” We have worked with PIC32MX, PIC32MZ, MIPS32, and various other chips. .”


Atmel has been developing AVR microcontrollers since 1996. These microcontrollers are widely used while designing embedded software. We have worked on a series of tinyAVR, megaAVR, AVR Dx, XMEGA, and other 32-bit AVRs to program an embedded device.


Our developers are capable of designing chips and boards manufactures by the Texas instruments. Until now, we have worked on TM4C1294NCPDT (32-bit Arm Cortex-M4F based MCU ) and MSP430FR2355(24-MHz 105-C integrated analog microcontroller ).


It is a French-Italian multinational electronics company engaged in designing various types of semiconductors. STMicroelectronicshave created an assorted range of chips and microcontrollers for different industrial use. Our proficient have worked on the STM32 series of chips designed by STMicroelectronics.

Wireless Protocols We Covered:

There are so many WIFI Technologies that are becoming popular in smart home networks. It is very easy to use and possesses a budget-friendly setting up to install these networks on new devices.


LoRa is developed by Semtech and is designed for large-scale public networks. The Physical range of LoRa is greater than 10 km in perfect condition.


ZigBee was initially designed for building automation and control. It is helpful in controlling wireless thermostats and lighting systems. It is a 2.4 GHz mesh for local area network (LAN) protocol,


Wifi is suitable for installing and detecting low data rates, controllers, and long-range sensors.

BLE (Bluetooth LE)

Bluetooth has designed a different LE version for lower-powered devices. Most Bluetooth devices use fewer data and power; hence the Bluetooth LE remains in sleep mode. Users have to initiate the connection themself to turn on Bluetooth LE. Bluetooth LE has its advantages in wearable fitness watches and health monitors.


Modicon developed the Modbus in 1979. We can use MODBUS with programmable logic controllers.

MBUS (Meter-Bus)

MBUS protocols find their application in energy consumption data measurement. They are installed in heat, water, electricity, and gas meters sensors to track energy consumption.


EnOcean is specifically designed for devices with low power energy harvesting applications. These are used in wireless lighting control, automation, and in smart homes.


Z-Wave is commonly used in security systems, control lightings, and in-home automation.


GSM is the oldest cellular protocol used for designing ATMs and old alarm systems. Currently, developers are playing to phase out GSM and use other Wireless Protocol instead of GSM.


RFID protocol is designed so that non-rechargeable devices can send signals. RFID is used to create a system for non-rechargeable devices that transmit wireless data multiple times. RFID has its application in tracking and shipping.

RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol)

RTSP is designed to controlling the streaming of audio and video over the internet. It finds its application generally in communications systems and entertainment devices to manage streaming media servers.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum)

ONVIF provides and promotes standardized interfaces for the effective exchange of information among computer systems. It also creates a standard for input products to maintain surveillance and other security.


CAN is designed for microcontrollers and devices to communicate with the application of each others without a host computer. It also set rules for transmitting and receive messages on electronic devices.

Hire Embedded System Designers of Adequate Infosoft for Expressive and Next-level Coding

Embedded Development for Enterprises

Our software engineers are skilled in developing state-of-the-art embedded systems to automate manufacturing phases for businesses of all sizes and sizes.

Smart Home Solutions

Our combative team has extensive experience delivering IoT software solutions, and we offer IoT firmware development to make home appliances and devices “smart” and create a connected smart home ecosystem.

Automotive Embedded Software Development Solutions

Our highly experienced development team delivers high-quality firmware to the automotive industry to empower vehicles to track and monitor their condition, as well as obtain additional data for analysis and more accurate forecasts.

Embedded Medical Software Development Solutions

The healthcare industry’s firmware drives medical devices and portable devices to provide professionals with accurate data on the condition of patients to speed up accurate diagnosis and find the most appropriate treatment.

Digital Signage Software for Advertising

We are developing digital advertising software for the advertising industry that can be used for outdoor (billboard) advertising.

Prototype Design

The prototype design is a specialty and we prove our dominance with our work. Adequate Infosoft offers the best prototype design services that cannot be compared to other prototype design companies. We provide high-quality prototyping services for a variety of industries.

Hire Leading Embedded Development Company

Embedded product developers have to face a set of challenges in integrating multi-disciplinary designs into a coherent and synchronized product. But they are trying hard to overcome the challenges and offer something new to humankind. Adequate Infosoft is such a leading company affianced in offering custom Embedded development service to the clients. Our developers have immense domain expertise, knowledge of boards, programming, and insights into top emerging technologies that help them to create a technology-centric embedded system. We offer a gamut of end-to-end solutions for clients that help you to gain potential customers and increase your sales. Adequate Infosoft is affiliated in offering a wide range of IT services that are exceptional and helpful in increasing your clientele.

What are Embedded Systems??

Embedded systems are a combination of multiple input and output devices that are assigned to perform specific dedicated functions. We all came across various embedded systems in our daily life. Some of the famous examples of embedded systems are MP3 players, mobile phones, video game consoles, digital cameras, DVD players, and GPS. Besides, many household appliances, such as microwave ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers, also have embedded systems in them to provide flexibility and efficiency.

Why Embedded?

Embedded systems are designed to perform a single dedicated task in any device hence these are productive. This also reduces the production cost of the embedded system that makes this device accessible for all. Embedded development is used to increase the reliability of the devices. It also ensures the safety of the devices.

In general, the performance of any device depends on real-time procedures. But with embedded, we enforce that device to continuously monitor the statistics and constraints of the operating environment. We can easily achieve all these aspects by hiring an embedded developer from Adequate Infosoft. As a pioneering organization, we always keep our clients first and ensure the timely delivery of projects. Our designed embedded systems are user-friendly and deliver fast results.

Embedded Systems are better than standalone, general-purpose office computers. It offers many benefits ranging from being task-specific to covering a wide variety of mechanisms with a single approach.

Types of Embedded Product We Develop

Embedded Security

Embedded is extensively used for Security purposes for protecting software from malware attacks. Adequate Infosoft is using the embedded systems to provide superb functional embedded products that require minimum manual handling.

Cloud Connectivity

The cloud consists of both hardware and software that users can access anytime from anywhere. With rising investments, Adequate Infosoft is offering an affordable range of embedded services for clients that work on the provided data. Customers have to pay for the selective services or resources that they are using. Cloud computing can also be used for virtual machines (VMs) running on clusters of computers no matter whether the computer is placed on-site or at a hosting provider end.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We see Embedded as a vital technology for the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems. Just like we use voice commands on our phones to find your things on browsers without even typing anything. Similarly, embedded is used for automatic tracking of instruments, vehicles, and products in warehouses. These are the great works of AI that lead their thinking into your tasks and work in great synchrony with your findings. Adequate Infosoft has developed top AI embedded systems that can hail your commands precisely and help in your business growth through robots or autonomous vehicles.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Augmented reality (AR) means adding digital elements to a live view. Whereas Virtual reality (VR) implies a complete immersion experience. Augmented reality uses the camera on a smartphone while Virtual reality shuts out the physical world. Adequate Infosoft has designed some really innovative embedded products Combing both in embedded system development that have a tremendous sale among clientele listings.

Technologies Used By Us

We have expertise in C Programming Language, C++ Programming Language, Python Programming Language, Java, Rust, Embedded C/C++, C#, etc.


Python is a high-level general-purpose programming language that is widely used to design embedded systems. Guido van Rossum creates the Python language in 1991. The design philosophy of Python language emphasizes the readability of codes using significant whitespace.

C Programming Language

C is another general-purpose programming language that supports structured programming. It works on lexical variable scope, recursion, in static type systems with embedded system services. C can be used to constructs efficient machine instructions that boost up the tasks.

C++ Programming Language

C++ is basically a computer programming language that you can learn from various books. However, our skilled developers use the language written by the language's creator, Bjarne Stroustrup efficiently in embedded systems.


This is a prototype programming language that focuses on maintaining performance and safety. Rust is syntactically similar to C++ but provides memory safety without using garbage collection making your embedded products more efficient and safe.


This is one of the best programming languages that let the developers write once and run anywhere (WORA) programs. You will get the same result through Java regardless of the platform. Users can easily play out with the flexibility of its coding which our Full-stack developers can provide with maximum efficiency.


The most popular language that is used with HTML5 and CSS accounts is the pillars of modern web applications and single-page applications. In most cases, it is a great choice if you are going to build an embedded system that will be used by the staff via web browsers or mobile apps.

C# Programming Language

C# is a useful programming language with broad advantages that harness Adequate Infosoft to create object-oriented embedded products. Microsoft Corporation designs the C# language in 2000 and since then it has been used to create embedded programs.

Embedded C/C++

Embedded C/C++ is another crucial language used for the development of embedded systems. Embedded C++ (EC++) is a dialect of the C++ language and it is defined by various leading Japanese CPU manufacturers like Hitachi, Fujitsu, and Toshiba. Adequate Infosoft programmers are blessed with immense knowledge of Embedded C/C++ programming language to remove the shortcomings in embedded applications.

Our Expertise

Adequate Infosoft is a leading embedded software development company that works for global clients to provide user-centric devices. Our programmers are well organized and have great knowledge of all the languages used in programming embedded systems. They are capable of designing dedicated embedded systems development programs using different languages as per the client’s requirement. Besides, our expertise is fabulously nourished in creating many household appliances, including embedded boards for microwave ovens, washing machines, and dishwashers that help the device to work efficiently. Just contact us through the given below form or Email your requirements at: contact@adequateinfosoft.com You can also call us at 0120-419887

Hope you understood all the relatable regions of embedded product development that Adequate Infosoft is efficiently providing. You can extend your power source in business through these fast-paced development tools for your own embedded system solutions. Just contact us through the given below form or
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We endow businesses with flexible engagement models based on their unique needs. Our strength lies in state-of-the-art technology and affordable consulting services. Try us for fast POCs, full-fledged applications, or technology consulting. Always available for your service.