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Our comprehensive range of Sharepoint Migration solutions are designed to meet your user, business, industry, and vertical needs across various nations including Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, US, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and other European & Asian countries.

Key Benefits of using Sharepoint Migration framework

Sharepoint Migration Services, Sharepoint Migration Developers, Automation

Automation Functions and Tools

Customize SharePoint according to your needs, set time for sharing documents, connect with clients at specific times, social media posting, auto business analyzing, auto answering to regular updates, and a lot more.

Sharepoint Migration Services, Sharepoint Migration Developers, secure

Enhanced Security

SharePoint powers your business with the latest security and firewall. Now, protect your data with more security, than ever with simple steps. The platform is designed to protect your data with state-of-the-art security.

Sharepoint Migration Services, Sharepoint Migration Developers, Control

Control of your business from one screen

Now you don’t have to change one window to see what’s going on in different departments, simple click on the dashboard and you will see all the important notifications and updates.

Sharepoint Migration Services, Sharepoint Migration Developers, Centralized

Centralized Workflow

With one click, you can find out who is doing what and where your project is going. Simply assign your task so you can complete the project on time.

Sharepoint Migration Services, Sharepoint Migration Developers, Cloud

Cloud System

Here you don’t have to invest in servers and hardware. Microsoft takes care of everything. Scalable, flexible, faster, and connect with your business from anywhere through the internet.

Sharepoint Migration Services, Sharepoint Migration Developers, Database


SharePoint helps you create a database that can help you grow your business and meet customers more effectively. It will also help you understand your business and how to take it to the next level.

Hire Sharepoint Migration Developers of Adequate Infosoft For Expressive and Next-level Coding

Development as per Defined Processes

The SharePoint services provided by our developers are performed strictly according to the defined guidelines and the process is described to avoid delays.

Bug-free Deliveries

Our developers ensure bug-free deliveries to our clients by applying the unit testing method.

Domain Expertise

Our SharePoint developers specialize in several industries, the perfect complement to SharePoint development projects.

Maintain Confidentiality

Our development processes are designed to fully maintain the project security of our clients.

Awarded Developers for Performance

Developers at Adequate Infosoft have received several awards and accolades for their outstanding development skills.

Soft Skill Experts

Our developers want soft skills that allow them to discuss requirements with customers around the world.

Get Stress Free SharePoint Migration from Adequate Infosoft

Are you planning to move your older SharePoint system to the latest version of Microsoft SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2019? Well, it's not too late to upgrade. SharePoint Migration is a complex and multi-layered activity with many failure points. With careful and thorough planning and preparation, your current or old SharePoint environment can transform as you transition to your new environment, fully recognizing the value of your SharePoint investment. Our Adequate team is familiar with the 2013 SharePoint object model and database schema to help you extract data and migrate to the latest version of SharePoint. Most organizations have no migration experience and may face issues such as application downtime, critical data loss, customizations, workflows, and security issues. We, the experts in SharePoint, address the above concerns and more and make the transition path smoother.

Benefits of Using SharePoint Migration

Digitally Transformed

Reduce time to evaluate your latest investment and make sure your old data is properly represented in your modern workplace.

Improved Data Quality

Cut out redundant and obsolete elements and add structure (even metadata!) for better quality and security.

Minimal Business Impact

IT teams are given greater efficiency, and this returns in the usual way for end-users.

Why is SharePoint Migration Services for Business Continuity?

To prioritize business integrity, minimizing SharePoint migration risks, and building up an improved working environment these are our mission. While processing the migration service, we put our efforts on:

  • Carefully develop a migration plan to keep workflows uninterrupted and guarantee the stable operation of departments that rely on SharePoint for day-to-day operations.

  • Move critical content in the shortest time possible without disrupting business processes.

  • Maintain content security and preserve the vital functionality of SharePoint solutions.
  • Provide new services that help employees manage business challenges with less effort.

  • Optimize the architecture of SharePoint solutions, streamline IT infrastructure, and reduce maintenance and support costs.

  • Support platform development and strengthen SharePoint adoption.

Our Services

SharePoint Consulting

Need to decide between SharePoint Online, the on-premises version, and Office 365? Let our SharePoint specialists guide you. Whether it’s implementing a CMS strategy, data integration, infrastructure consolidation, current status assessment, or program management, we can help.

SharePoint Migration

We know that businesses need to keep up with the growing needs of their customers. Our experts can help you seamlessly and securely migrate to the latest version, as well as change your SharePoint installation model and take over SharePoint Online or Office 365.

SharePoint Integration

Adequate Infosoft can help you integrate SharePoint with other portals, web applications, MS tools, or third-party business applications. We have a wealth of experience in managing complex IT environments and using data from multiple sources.

SharePoint Implementation Services

The best practices used by our SharePoint developers ensure that business needs are met on time and on budget. Take your implementation requirements to us for a successful SharePoint deployment and deployment.

SharePoint Portal Development

We help businesses in all areas of SharePoint portal development. From brand building and personalization to the intranet or user portal, customer portal, supplier portal, sales and marketing team extranet to corporate social networks, we can help with everything.

Nintex Workflow Implementation Service

With Nintex Workflow implementation services integrated into enterprise SharePoint-based systems; managing a complex workflow can be accomplished fairly quickly and can also reduce development costs.

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