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Adequate Infosoft is one of the top CodeIgniter development company delivering projects successfully in countries such as Germany France, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Ireland, Ukraine, Belarus, The Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Ghana, South Africa, UK, US, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and other European & Asian countries.

Key Benefits of using CodeIgniter framework

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Net-level Features

Serve you with additional functionalities to make an astounding site.

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Against CSRF and XSS attacks comes with built-in protection.

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Built-in Libraries

Documentation is systematic as well as easy to follow.

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MVC Architecture

Follows MVC structure and pattern with all ease.

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Extensive compatibility with various PHP versions and configurations.

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Perfectly Scalable

Highly adaptable application architecture and development.

Hire CodeIgniter Developers of Adequate Infosoft For Expressive Coding

Best of Skills and Experience

Our experienced CodeIgniter developers make extremely efficient use of useful tools and techniques to meet the exact requirements of our clients.

Client First

Our CodeIgniter team is always ready to deliver results-oriented, business-focused, and customer-specific web applications for CodeIgniter’s professional services.

Responsive Approach

The adaptive web development approach of our experienced developers ensures the unified presence of your business in the digital space.

Untamed Dedication

The dedicated development of our developers on various PHP frameworks has created remarkable credibility in the PHP web development industry.

Innovative Designers

Our developers use customized techniques to lure web visitors at very first sight with an ability to design innovative.

Cost-effective Development

Our developers perform cost-effective development for all clients and help them maintain their project budget.

Hire Adequate Infosoft for CodeIgniter Development

Do you know? Around 700K websites are developed in CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP-based framework used to develop high-end dynamic websites and applications. It has a built-in toolbar and libraries to help with custom CodeIgniter development. Developing a CodeIgniter website requires roughly zero configuration. Such unique features of CodeIgniter reduce the need for programmers and developers to write long codes and complete a project faster.

Our Features as CodeIgniter Web Development Services

Using rich libraries, a simple interface, and a logical structure, we minimize coding to world-class standards and are committed to completing the project faster.

Simple but Robust Solution

If you need a simple MVC framework, CodeIgniter is right for your project because it delivers an exceptional performance with almost zero configuration.

Website that Suits Your Needs

Our developers are familiar with CodeIgniter's web development services and deliver solutions that meet your needs.

Bug-Free Implementation

We offer a flawless implementation of CodeIgniter in web applications.

Why Choose CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is widely used by companies for the following reasons:

  • The Model View Control (MVC) architecture is used by almost all coding frameworks. The MVC architecture provides nice code segregation and keeps it in order.
  • CodeIgniter works with both PHP 4 and 5. The fact that the frameworks on both sides make the smooth work between the two platforms much easier.
  • CodeIgniter includes plenty of built-in libraries and tools in one package. This includes forms, file management, arrays, strings, cookies, directories, and more. Assistance options are also available. Moreover, directories and your own help option can be created if the built-in is not enough.
  • Installing new frameworks is one of the most difficult experiences for any encoder. When using UNIX, many commands are required for the installation process. CodeIgniter can be installed by uploading the files directly to the directory. No pre-release or co-release packages or server modifications are required for this purpose.
  • CodeIgniter allows you to implement the low or high level of security required by the application. There are some things you do by default, such as deleting all global variables. But there are plenty of security features that can be enabled or disabled as needed.
  • With a highly efficient database extraction layer, you can easily insert, delete and update without writing raw SQL. It manages the connection to multiple databases within an application and also allows you to manipulate databases such as adding/removing columns from tables and creating new tables.
  • It has a large user community that provides a platform for a wide-ranging discussion. The CodeIgniter website has a forum and wiki to answer any questions you may have.
  • The biggest advantage of CodeIgniter is its documentation. EllisLab is the company behind CodeIgniter and they spend a lot of time, which is very necessary to have proper documentation available to the user community.

Our Codeigniter Development Strategies

Our competent CodeIgniter development services are extremely imaginative and result-oriented. We are impressively working to save large and small businesses. Our CodeIgniter web development services are extensive in its scope of development. At CodeIgniter, we create a number of websites and applications for many business categories, according to the unique and unique needs of the customer.

  • By creating a website with CodeIgniter that makes browsing websites mobile-friendly.
  • Provide technical support at any time to help you with every step.
  • Integrate strongly into social networks.
  • Create a shopping cart web application using AJAX and design e-commerce websites.
  • Proper use of the CodeIgniter PHP framework to help display your site on mobile screens.
  • Development of web portals using MySQL and CodeIgniter.

Our CodeIgniter Web Development Services

Cache Features

Use APC, XCache, and other database-based pages and segment your cache to provide custom applications.

Template Solutions

Create ingenious templates with insightful, engaging, and versatile themes and designs to easily add valuable content.

Update and Extension

Development, integration, or upgrade of the Codeigniter extension becomes available to meet business needs.

Codeigniter 1.7 Development

Advanced extensions, modules, and libraries to support complex PHP functions for fast web application development.

MVC Development

It has MVC architecture management that provides easy management and flexibility during development.

API Development and Migration

Easily database-driven applications with a tightly integrated back-end system, as well as migration services from one server to another.

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