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Applications built on the Universal Windows Platform are seamlessly compatible with devices running on Microsoft Windows, as these applications meet all of Microsoft's specifications. Adequate Infosoft UWP professionals use all of UWP’s remarkable features to develop applications that offer incredible utility on smartphones, tablets, Xbox One, HoloLens, computers, and the Internet of Things. Adequate Infosoft offers the best UWP development services that redefine your business identity and strengthen your market identity. We can create extensions, packages, custom user interfaces, and add-ons to existing applications to further improve their performance and user experience. Adaptive coding allows you to separate the tools you need to include in the loop, leaving the rest out, thus narrowing the market and increasing conversions.

Hire Windows App Developers of Adequate Infosoft For Expressive and Next-level Coding

Highly Experienced Developers

We have a team of dedicated developers with years of experience in Windows application development to deliver the best apps.

Community-Based Approach

Developers at adequateinfosoft are members of Windows App developers' global community and only use processes endorsed by the community.

Quality Guaranteed

Our developers strictly adhere to international coding standards ensuring the development of high-end mobile apps for clients.

Our Windows App services include...

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, windows-app

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, costCost-effective Development

We offer Window app development services at the most affordable prices in the industry while maintaining higher quality standards.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, qualityQuality Management

Guarantee 100% client satisfaction with compliance to international coding standards.

Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, bugBug-free Apps

Adequate Infosoft guarantees delivery of completely bug-free apps.

Technology Used


  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, VB VB.Net
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, C#C#


  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, SDEMicrosoft .Net


  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, BuildFireBuildFire.js
  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) App Development, UWP Developers, UWP, IonicIonic

Build Sustainable Apps with our Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Development Services

We provide the best universal Windows Platform application development service at a budget-friendly price globally. Adequate Infosoft is a certified company and we have the best Microsoft certified application developers who can provide amazing Windows application solutions to our customers. Using modern Microsoft tools and technologies, our Windows application developers are able to create innovative Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications that truly run seamlessly on a variety of Windows-based devices.

What is a Universal Windows Platform?

As the world homogenizes, technology is needed to work across multiple platforms. This technology for Windows 10 application development was first introduced in 2015 with the complete goal of helping to create universal applications that work with Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, HoloLens, and Xbox One. Support for Windows application development in C ++, C #, VB.NET, and XAML allows desktop software development companies to access all the basics of Windows application development without having to constantly change code depending on which it is made for a device. Windows Runtime, launched in 2012, will be replaced by Windows 8. Applications that can use UWP will be created in Visual Studio 2017, which itself includes a wide variety of programming languages. This makes it much easier to develop a Windows 10 application.

Advantages of Using UWP App Development

Developers and designers can also define the entire lifecycle of software. They can check how the application is updated, installed, installed, and even removed. They can control runtime, manage its resources, and make it available in the Windows Store for use through devices. Another great benefit of Windows 10 application development is that it uses programming languages such as Visual C ++, C #, JavaScript, and Visual Basic. The use of these programming languages (other than JavaScript) allows those who provide Windows application development services a user experience that is fully adapted to the native user interface, whether on a computer or a 13-inch laptop or tablet. This is because the universal Windows platform application uses Model View - Model Model.

This allows for separation between logic and the user interface. This is a huge benefit for software engineers because it allows them to maintain, develop and test the system. UWP applications, therefore, create a better development and user experience. While talking about the benefits, it is important to highlight that UWP applications do not run on Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices. However, those working on Windows 10 application development should not worry about this, as most computers have now been upgraded to Windows 10 thanks to free updates provided by Microsoft.

Our Services

Minimal UI/UX Design

Our developers offer impeccable UX and UI design services for UWP applications, as well as UI / UX design consulting for UWP applications.

Regular Maintenance & Upgrades

In addition to development, we also perform regular maintenance of UWP applications and perform tasks such as bug fixes, systematic updates, and feature development.

Business App Development

We code versatile, cross-platform mobile applications that allow businesses to run features such as e-commerce, CRM, and customer portals across multiple Windows devices.

Entertainment App Development

Our team designs attractive and immersive entertainment applications for Windows devices that are used for music streaming, video streaming, and more.

Educational App Development

Our brilliant encoders create tunneling and interactive educational applications for language learning, teaching tools, and more. For all Windows devices.

Game App Development

We build visually stimulating and interactive games, such as puzzles, board games, actions, etc., that can be played on any Windows device.

Health & Fitness App Development

Our experts formulate detailed and informative health and fitness Windows applications for activities such as yoga, meditation, general training, cycling, and more.

Navigational App Development

Our crew is very proficient at creating minimal and agile navigational apps like live traffic, navigator, etc. for all Windows devices.

Ecommerce App Development

We build functional and profitable e-commerce portals such as Newegg, Amazon, and more. For Windows devices with multiple payment systems and gateways.

Travel App Development

Our developers create popular and user-friendly travel applications for Windows that can perform tasks such as sharing tours, booking trips, recommending apps, and more.

Social Networking App Development

We designed extensive and feature-rich social networking applications for Windows and used them for tasks such as photo sharing, group chats, video sharing, and more.

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