On-Demand App for Cleaning Services

There are various goals to make customers willing to order cleaning services on demand. Sometimes customers just want to save time. And sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to hire a cleaner for a while to do the cleaning than to pay them a monthly salary for their own cleaning staff.

On-Demand House Cleaning Services App

Today, people are moving towards the digital world to meet their basic requirements as nowadays people can easily access all the services online through a website or an On-Demand Cleaning service. Because everyone now has a smartphone and a good internet connection, people can really access the online service easily and conveniently.

On-Demand House Cleaning Services app is for people who are busy because of their busy schedule and it is very difficult for them to keep the house clean and as a solution, they employ maids or people for daily cleaning.

We are going to give the introduction of the On-Demand House Cleaning Service platform, you can also make money through the platform. Administrators of on-demand applications or websites can make and earn money in a variety of ways.


Our Most Admired On Demand Cleaning Services

There are various goals to make customers willing to order cleaning services on demand. Sometimes customers just want to save time. And sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to hire a cleaner for a while to do the cleaning than to pay them a monthly salary for their own cleaning staff.


When a customer renovates their home every time they leave a mess after it is finished. This allows customers to book the service for their refurbished home and take advantage of the service.


This includes allowing users to take advantage of commercial cleanings, such as house disinfection, school and office cleaning, and so on.


This includes the fact that users can book a household cleaning service such as surface cleaning and tile washing, kitchenware, etc. Household services include all services provided by a maid to users.

On-Demand Cleaning App Development Solution

Technology is growing at an incredible rate and will not stop in the future. This has a two-way advantage. One is the simplicity provided to customers while they clean up. In a dynamic 21st century economy, it is the cleaning industry that is characterized by statistics and trends. Like many other industries, the cleaning industry faces many challenges.

Adequate Infosoft has helped many customers win the competition between large corporations and franchise customers in the on-demand cleaning service and application industry. We try to make the bridge and fill the gap between service providers and service seekers. Our skilled developers have the latest technologies on the market and can create the best applications in the industry for your business that will help you increase the number of customers and make more and more profits.

Scope of On-Demand Cleaning Service App

The cleaning industry is driven by a single goal, to keep people’s spaces clean. The industry is divided into 3 main categories, which are:

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning includes concierge services offered to factories, warehouses, retailers, and such commercial stores.

Residential Cleaning

Residential cleaning services are primarily for homes and apartment buildings to keep your area tidy and clean.

Special Cleaning

Special cleaning services include special services such as dry cleaning, and there are applications that require these services that are on-demand dry cleaning applications.

Dry Cleaning

Laundry and dry cleaning are the most popular among the population and have been booming for years. Most dry cleaning companies are family-owned, however, as businesses have come into contact online, various chains and franchises have been established to provide on-demand dry cleaning services. The market trend for on-demand dry cleaning applications is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Is It a Good Idea to Build On-Demand App for Cleaning Services

Mobile presence means a lot these days, which is why many companies and startups are considering digital technology. This is the easiest way to reach customers, maintain commitment, and offer better services and experiences. Almost every business (size doesn’t really matter) needs a mobile app, and the on-demand services gap is no exception. Current trends dictate that you can do anything without leaving the house. Digital solutions help promote a company, attract more potential customers, and let them know what services they can offer and at what price.

Nowadays, people no longer have to do everything on their own, it is perfectly normal to entrust some routine tasks to professionals. This is why on-demand services such as cleaning have become so popular. Allied Market Research expects the global cleaning market to accumulate more than $ 74 million by 2022.

Of course, North America remains the industry’s largest revenue generator. But what is interesting is a slight shift in the distribution of demand between the commercial and private sectors. Honestly, this shift will leave too little trace in the industry and will not be a good B2B opportunity, but a perfect way to generate revenue from cleaners ’B2C mobile apps.

Most popular types of On-demand Cleaning Services

There are many reasons why people tend to order on-demand cleaning services. Sometimes they just want to save time. They may simply need help because their house is too big for a person to clean. And sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to occasionally hire someone to do the cleaning than pay a monthly salary to your own cleaning staff.

On-demand cleaning services fall into three broad categories depending on the type of household to be cleaned:

1.Post-construction cleaning:

It always causes a big mess after the renovation is complete. So before selling an apartment, real estate agents need to make it spectacular and get rid of demolition waste. This type of cleaning is complicated and needs to be done in several stages (rough, light and clean).

2. Home cleaning:

This type of cleaning specializes in tidying up the rooms in the house. The team usually washes the floor, removes dust from surfaces, and cleans furniture and tiles. With cleaning that meets the needs of customers, customers can do everything in the house. This type of work usually focuses on detail and quality.

3. Commercial cleaning:

The main advantage of such services is that they can be day or night, which is very convenient for many businesses. Cleaning staff will wash floors and furniture, vacuum carpets, and pay special attention to disinfecting equipment, tactile surfaces, and bathrooms.

Creating a custom application for cleaning services can be a good business idea. You will be able to create a joint concert between employees and their employees. What could be more convenient than ordering the necessary cleaning services with a few clicks? Moreover, people can start a dialogue right away to discuss all the details and make sure that the result of the cleaning will be satisfactory.

4.Main features your On-Demand App for Cleaning Services should have:

If you are considering creating your own on-demand application, you need to be aware of the key features. In our experience, we can state that such applications should include:

5. Booking and Scheduling:

This is the basic feature that allows homeowners to select the required services from the list and book the exact time of cleaning. Large companies may need to schedule services for months in advance.

6. Payment Gateway:

Users should be able to conveniently create paints for services. So better integrate PayPal, Stripe or any other payment method to enable it.

7. Instant Messaging:

To build trust relationships, the service provider and customer must be able to connect and communicate important cleaning aspects. So a comfortable chat facility is essential.

8. Immediate Cleaning:

This feature can be useful for those who need to clean their house after a big party. Landlords who are short on time and need to prepare for a sale can take advantage of such an option.

Cost of Developing On-Demand App for Cleaning Services

Typically, on-demand cleaning apps start at $ 30,000 per platform (iOS or Android) and can grow even further, depending on which software development company you choose. This sounds like a lot of money, which can make you put your idea aside and forget about software development.

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