House Automation System


The client is one of the leading and professionally managed “Electronics and Automation” based in the Denmark. The company deals in a very extensive range of devices used in residential and commercial building.


The Softcontrol Cleverhouse Product platform is a complete range of devices used in residential and commercial building with focus on price, reliability and usability. The core product is a unique software platform which combine a lot of different technologies into a common package, which from the end-users point of view look's as one product. All the tricky setup and initialization routines are already solved in the software and give the user an easy plug & play experience. The platforms give complete control through the internet via computer, smart-phone or tablets.


Client: Leading Business House    Location: Denmark    Industry: Electronics & Automation Engineering


Functional overview

We came up with an accurate software solution that perfectly matched the clients’ needs. The Softcontrol Cleverhouse controller (SCC , G120 module of Ghi electronics) is connected to the internal LAN network in the house and connected to the router, which have a WAN port connected to the internet. In some cases where there are no fixed internets a GPRS modem can be connected to the SSC. The first initial setup of the SCC in done by creating a Softcontrol Cleverhouse account (SCA) . When the SCC is setup it's ready to communicate with the back-end service running in the cloud. If the user want to communicate with the SCC this is done through the front-end or a local web-server running in the SCC. The front-end are available as a web-page, an app for Android or iPhone.

When the system is setup and running the SCC controller is communicating with the Back-end and saving and getting relevant information, shown on Figure 1 with a blue dashed line. If the user need to get information from the SCC this is normally done through the cloud either by a computer, laptop, smart-phone etc. talking to the frontend, shown as a red dashed line on Figure 1. If the user is outside his own network, the tablet just need an internet connection to communicate with the cloud.

Product Features

  • Heat control in houses with wireless energy harvesting temperature sensors.
  • Out Heat control in houses with wireless energy harvesting temperature sensors
  • Outdoor temperature
  • Alarm system with wireless energy harvesting sensors
    • Door/Windows contact
    • PIR sensor
  • Energy consumption monitoring
    • Water (Pulse)
    • Electricity (Pulse, MODBUS)
    • Heat (IR interface to KAMSTRUP)
  • Energy production monitoring
    • PV (RS485, or pulse count)
    • Heatpump (IR interface to KAMSTRUP)
    • Windmill (RS485, or pulse count)
  • Datalogging/control through cloud
  • Control through web-page
  • Control through Android app
  • Control through iPhone app
  • The controller should be accessible through Ethernet interface
  • Delivered with a quick guide which contain following information's: A Connection diagram, an overview of available accessories and support options
  • The customers can setup the controller by a PC tool available as free download or a built in web server in the unit
  • The unit must be registered on a web portal through its unique serial numbe


  • For Control Box ( ghielectronics module G120):- C#, .Net Micro Framework 4.3
  • For Web based Application :- C#, .Net Framework 4.5 , Asp.Net , HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, J-Query, Sql Server 2012
  • For Android App :- Java, Eclipse, Android Development Framework .
  • For Apple App :- iOS Framework

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