AR Gaming Application (Paperbin) Here is the complete information on technology, the development process, and more about our AR Gaming Application (Paper Bin), which is known for its excellent gaming visuals.

AR Gaming Application (Paperbin)

Augmented Reality (AR) is the popular technology for building the real time game app which is based on the integration of audio content and game visual. We focus on developing the applications that are compatible on all devices.

Client Requirement

The client was looking for a lightweight augmented reality game for iOS users.

  • The game should have ultra-realistic graphics to make it easy for users to play in their own environment.
  • The game should be adjusted in your own environment to increase its difficulty.

Main Features in the Game:

  • There should be a global leaderboard at the bottom of the screen that can reset automatically everyday.
  • Daily coin bonuses required to play game and Gain points.
  • Standard Subscription options is also required with a free trial period which will automatically renew to a paid subscription to your iTunes account at confirmation of game purchase was required.
  • The game should show Global and local real-time live leaderboards with 3 difficulty levels to compete was required.

Our Approach to Develop Project

Our main goal when making this VR app was to figure out who would use it and make it interactive by making the graphics very realistic.

  1. 01
    Choose an AR Development Platform:

    After deciding our audience, we world on selecting the appropriate AR development platform. Here we used Apple’s ARKit and Unity 3D, Swift 4.0, VIPER architecture.

  2. 02
    Plan the AR Experience:

    In this we make a plan how the application will interact with the real world. We decide AR content, 3D models, videos, images, animations and determine the user interface, including gestures, voice commands, or touch controls.

  3. 03
    Create the AR Content:

    We created AR content to ensure it is optimized for AR devices by making high quality, realistic, and interactive content to engaged users.

  4. 04
    Test the AR Application:

    After creating the app, we tested it on various parameters to ensure it functions correctly. Our agile developers check for all possible errors, glitches, and bugs and make necessary adjustments.

  5. 05
    Launch the AR Application:

    We finally launch the AR application on the app store and to used by end users.

Technologies Deployed

  • For native iOS apps: Apple’s ARKit and Unity 3D, Swift 4.0, VIPER architecture. Used Google Analytics to provide usage data and AdMob to serve users with banner and interstitial ads.

App Compatibility

The app is compatible with all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac devices and supports 11 different languages.

Development & Implementation

  • We developed Paper Bin AR to showcase our capabilities in developing augmented reality apps. It allows users to place objects in their own environment and experience games, demos, and other experiences customized to their world.
  • Our developers spend a lot of time learning how the new technology works and how we can make it more interactive to provide a real virtual experience. We want to make this app for user to enjoy playing an augmented reality game on mobile.
  • We add swiping gesture in the game to toss the paper ball which provide a real game playing experience to users.
  • The distance depends on the length of the swipe and the direction of the swipe relative to the basket.
  • We made game play challenging by creating different modes of game play.
  • We add feature to position the paper bin anywhere in your space. After the bin is in place you can start playing.
  • The further away you are from the bin the higher the level (3 difficulty modes). The game draws the difficulty arc lines that tell you which difficulty area you are in and you can see that as text at the bottom of the screen.

Game Features:

  • User can give suggestive feedback instead of simple error messages.
  • Nice sound effects.
  • Different AR themes that standout when the background is a live camera feed and made 3D assets online.
  • Customer can take a screenshot with the camera button for which they have to pay 50 coins. The payment can be done from the payment system integrated in the app.
  • Micro transaction is provided in the game. Users can buy coins for real money.
  • Users have to buy coins to clear the bin so the paper won’t overflow. If the bin is full you won’t be able to put more paper balls inside the bin.
  • There is also an option to buy different types of baskets (e.g. Big Echo Bin) or ones in different colours

Final Outcome

How Client Found Us?

The client discovered our software company through a web search when he was looking for an augmented reality gaming solution.

Client Profile

Client: Entrepreneur Location: USA Industry: Gaming

Client Testimonials

"I was blown away by the AR gaming application developed by Adequate Infosoft’s team. As a lifelong gamer, I was skeptical about how AR could enhance the gaming experience, but this application proved me wrong. The graphics and animations were stunning, and the game was incredibly immersive. I loved how the game interacted with the real world, creating a seamless experience that made me forget I was even playing a game.

But what impressed me the most was how user-friendly the application was. The controls were intuitive, and the app worked flawlessly on my device. I never experienced any lag or glitches, which is impressive considering the complexity of the AR content.

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